F.6 DSE English Speaking Practice


Enrollment on eClass

From: 9 a.m. 16 April 2018 (Mon)

End: 4 p.m. 3 May 2018 (Thu)

Important points to notice:

  1. If you want to practise English speaking before your DSE exam, you are welcome to register any time slots on eClass.
  2. The practice period is between 23 April and 4 May (except 1 May and 4 May morning).
  3. On each day, 8 lesson periods will be open for speaking practice.
  4. An English teacher / assistant will train maximum 8 F.6 students (2 groups) in each period.
  5. Grouping and questions are set by the teacher-in-charge.
  6. The deadline to enrol the next day’s speaking practice is 4 pm every day.
  7. A name list of selected students will be uploaded to the school website at around 4:30 p.m. one day before (weekend exclusive) the speaking practice day. Make sure you check if your name is there before coming back for the practice.
  8. The teacher-in-charge of each period will be posted up outside Staff Room 2 on each speaking practice day. Check which teacher you should approach every time you come back for the speaking practice.
  9. Your enrollment carries responsibility. You are not supposed to be absent without any acceptable reasons. However, if you cannot show up suddenly, call your English teacher on 2452 0076 at your earliest convenience.
  10. No ad hoc practice will be entertained unless otherwise invited.

Name list of selected students:

(coming soon)

Enrollment on eClass: (starting at 9 a.m. on 16 April 2018)

  1. Login to eclass.lck.edu.hk
  2. Click on the 問卷調查 icon
  3. Choose, Select and Submit





科學周2018 < 3 月 12 日至 3 月 16 日舉行 >

2018 年 3 月 12 日至 3 月 16 日是本校兩年一度之科學周,屆時將有多天的精彩活動讓大家對科學有更深入的認識和體會。今次科學周的主題名為:「原來喜歡理」,首尾二字拼湊即為「原理」。理科團隊希望大家藉著科學周了解更多科學的原理,故英文主題被翻譯為「I Love Principles of Science」。科學周活動內容非常豐富,包括:「分子雪糕工作坊,動物展、化學活動、科學鑑證拔尖班及 STEM 競賽」等等。相信到時必定能夠引發同學對科學的熱情。

2018-2-28 至 3-10 澳洲交流團照片





PTA2017 18

主  席:歐陽淑馨(家長)

副主席:顧樂信  (家長)       張松盛 (教師)

司  庫: 樊麗萍  (家長)        丘瑞祥(教師)

秘  書: 朱穎兒  (家長)        鄭斯  (教師)

聯  誼: 秦綺蘭  (家長)        陳美心 (教師)

                 劉佩詩  (家長)        謝啟明 (教師)

公  關: 吳蓮  (家長)        文衍頴(教師)

                 丘倩婷  (家長)        周敏曄 (教師)

總  務: 李曼   (家長)           黃永民 (教師)

                 黄秀鳳  (家長)        謝嘉燕 (教師)        






- 日期:2017年11月22至23日 (星期三至四)

- 地點:天水圍運動場

- 負責單位:體育科



-日期:2017年11月8至11日 (星期三至六)





- 日期:2017年11月6日 (星期一)

- 地點:




  中六級︰6A黃金海岸 6B青山灣 6C加多利灣 6D咖啡灣 6E蝴蝶灣

- 負責單位:活動處